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Sexy Rapunzel Costume

So you have always liked the Rapunzel costume, especially one that is inspired by the upcoming movie Disney’s Tangled.  But you would like to dress up in a sexy Rapunzel costume as that is a totally unique costume idea. So let’s do it – a sexy Rapunzel dress would look so good on you! First of all, the dress needs to consist of a corset or bodice on top that includes a satin ribbon lace-up, as that just screams fitting and sexy. And the skirt needs to be super short and flirty, so that you can match the sexy Rapunzel costume with a pair of thigh-high stockings. Finally as Rapunzel, you need to find a long blond braided wig, or a super long straight wig just like the Rapunzel in Tangled. And that’s it for your sexy Rapunzel costume!

Sexy Rapunzel Costume
Sexy Rapunzel Costume
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As Seen in Tangled
Updated on Oct 9, 2017

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  • waron

    Since you don't have long hair try to spread it out and make it look like big hair, put it in your eyes, in front of your ears, etc. Just have fun with it!! When you sit down kind of spread your hair so that it falls on your desk or do something like have your friends hold it like a leash in the hallway.

    Have fun!! Happy Halloween!!

    I don't think Rapunzel was a princess until she was rescued. The crown idea is up to you.

  • Sexy Rapunzel Costume

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