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Disney Tarzan Costume

If you need a bold Disney costume idea (and if you’re okay with freezing out in the cold during Halloween), you should really consider a Disney Tarzan costume. Even though you probably weren’t raised by a bunch of gorillas in the jungle like Tarzan (or maybe you were and props for you for being on the Internet and reading this!), nobody says you can’t dress like the jungle man! Heck, you gotta give Tarzan some credit for pretty much being the hero in his jungle. He looked out and stood up for his gorilla family. And isn’t it so cool that he gets to swing around and “surf” over tree tops? So, there really isn’t that many materials you need for the Disney Tarzan costume. You just need a Tarzan wig that sorta has the Rastafarian style, and a loin cloth to cover your bottom. Okay, maybe that is a bit too bold for the public. An alternative would be to find a cave man or jungle man costume. Just remember to have fun with your Disney Tarzan costume!

Disney Tarzan Costume
Disney Tarzan Costume
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As Seen in Tarzan
Updated on Apr 14, 2017

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