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Disney Tarzan Jane Costume

Disney Tarzan is a handsome and macho jungle man that every woman adores. So who wouldn’t want to dress up in a Disney Tarzan Jane costume? Hopefully you can find your own Tarzan partner to go with your costume, right? To follow closely to the Disney film Tarzan, you don’t need to dress up as a cave woman or jungle woman at all. It’s quite the opposite really because the Tarzan Jane costume is rather conservative. Jane Porter in the Disney film, voiced by Minnie Driver, is the daughter of the respectable British explorer Professor Porter who comes to the coast of Africa in the 19th century. Therefore, Jane is dressed in an ankle-length high-collar dress with puffy sleeves and a neat purple scarf. She also wears short white gloves and ballet flat shoes. And finally, don’t forget to smile daintily when you’re all dressed up in your Tarzan Jane costume!

Disney Tarzan Jane Costume
Disney Tarzan Jane Costume
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As Seen in Tarzan
Updated on Apr 16, 2017

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