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Tarzan Inspired Toddler Gorilla Costume

Looking for a toddler gorilla costume for your little one? Kids love animals and they don’t discriminate against which kind, for the most part. So don’t question your son if he just loves gorillas. Maybe because he saw Terk the gorilla from Disney Tarzan on the Disney Channel. Terk, voiced by Rosie O’Donnell, is the kid gorilla who is good friends with the jungle hero Tarzan and together they have much fun. So if your little boy can’t be Tarzan, or maybe doesn’t want to be, he might as well be a gorilla who’s chummy with Tarzan. So make your boy’s dream come true by dressing him up in a toddler gorilla costume!

Tarzan Inspired Toddler Gorilla Costume
Tarzan Inspired Toddler Gorilla Costume
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As Seen in Tarzan
Updated on Apr 22, 2017

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