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The Chronicles of Narnia Costume Ideas

The Lion, Witch, Wardrobe Costumes

This is a wonderful family sized costume idea for Narnia fans and possibly the best known novel of the series: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. You can see here that each member of the family represents an item from the title. You simply... → Read More

Narnia White Witch Costume

Dressing up in a Narnia White Witch costume would be rather cool. Cool indeed as she was the all-demanding and self-proclaimed witch who took over Narnia. Seems like the White Witch is a rather fitting name as she had made the world of Narnia cold... → Read More

Narnia Lucy Costume

So your child is about the same age as Lucy from The Chronicles of Narnia. So how about dressing her up in a Narnia Lucy costume? The medieval orange and white dress that Lucy wears in the second Narnia film Prince Caspian is beautiful. And... → Read More

Narnia: Prince Caspian Costume

So your little boy wants a manly costume this year, not some "cute" one. Well, look no further than a Prince Caspian costume from The Chronicles of Narnia. Now your little boy should know that such a boy's costume from Disney's The Chronicles of Narnia... → Read More