Gale Hawthorne Costume from Hunger Games
Bob's Mom Costume from Frankenweenie
Once-ler Costume from The Lorax
Nick Fury's Costume Eyepatch Detail
The Dictator Deli Counter Costume
Katniss Everdeen Hunger Games Costume
Frankenstein, Murray, Wayne Costumes from Hotel Transylvania
President Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Costume
The Dictator Uniform Costume
Jeremy Renner Hawkeye Costume from The Avengers
Full Suit Lorax Costume
Easy Arrietty Costume
Effie Trinket Costume
Black Widow Costume from The Avengers
Easy Lorax Costume
Secret World of Arrietty Costume
President Snow Costume
Vanellope von Schweetz Costume

The Dictator Costume Ideas

The Dictator Uniform Costume

From the movie posters, this is the glowing white costume the Admiral General Aladeen, also known as the Dictator, wears in the movie The Dictator. Here his is wearing a white military uniform with a large number of fake military awards and insignia on his... → Read More

As Seen in The Dictator

The Dictator Deli Counter Costume

Sacha Baron Cohen appears here as a disgraced Admiral General Aladeen here in this scene from his movie The Dictator. It's an easy deli counter costume anyone can pull off and is perfect for the lazy people who want to be funny and still attempt... → Read More

As Seen in The Dictator

Patriotic Dictator Admiral General Aladeen Costume

No one will fault you at all for being uber-patriotic should you choose to go in this completely tacky get-up from the Dictator movie starring comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. In this scene he is seen standing with Zoey played by Anna Faris and is dressed... → Read More

As Seen in The Dictator

Admiral General Aladeen Polo Costume

Pictured here is the actual costume worn by actor Sacha Baron Cohen at the movie premier of The Dictator. He is wearing an ensemble that looks like he should be an equestrian but actually he arrives with a camel, perhaps as a jab at true... → Read More

As Seen in The Dictator

The Dictator Sprinter’s Costume

Get into some very inpolitically incorrect comedy this year by going as the Dictator starring Sacha Baron Cohen. In this costume, the Admiral General Aladeen is seen in his sprinter's gear when he races against some other runners. It's accurate right down to the uniform... → Read More

As Seen in The Dictator