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Dwight Schrute Kids Costume

Everyone’s favorite quirky character from the NBC show The Office always include Dwight Schrute, the butt of Jim’s jokes and a great foil to the other less extreme characters of the office. While Dwight may come off as an egotistical maniac he is still a beloved character, so that’s why we’re honoring him with our first costume from The Office series! Since Dwight Schrute is an office worker for a paper company, his dress is very mild yet he always somehow is seen in thie short sleeve yellow button up shirt with tie. Dwight’s hair is parted down the middle with bangs to the side showing off his forehead. He wears khakis. If you and your kid love watching The Office and Dwight’s shenanigans together why not honor him this Halloween with this easy to piece together costume? In case other costume-goers will find your costume hard to identify, it doesn’t hurt to include a “Hello My Name Is” type of sticker and affix it to the shirt pocket, making sure to write in “Dwight Schrute” or Dunder Mifflin, the fictional paper company where he works.

Dwight Schrute Kids Costume
Dwight Schrute Kids Costume
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As Seen in The Office
Updated on Sep 25, 2017

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