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Princess and the Frog Costume Ideas

Tiana’s Dress Costume

See the real life Princess Tiana in this beautiful dress. It's got all the southern charm of a princess from the South and yet is still fit for a Disney princess. Of course, she has a tiara of leaves and even her dress seems to... → Read More

Frog Prince Baby Costume: Inspired by Princess and the Frog

Love Disney's Princess and the Frog so much that you want to dress your little guy up in a frog prince baby costume? Well, he'll be one cute frog for sure! Check out this baby costume - a frog prince onesies or romper as a... → Read More

Great Frog Costume Ideas – Thanks to Princess and the Frog

Thinking of dressing your little ones up in cute frog costumes? Well, thanks to Disney's Princess and the Frog, you now have some great frog costume ideas. Why? Only because you know Disney can create flawless looking frogs! In the Princess and the Frog movie,... → Read More

Dr Facilier Costume from Princess and the Frog

Dr Facilier, also known as the voodoo master or The Shadow Man from Disney's The Princess and the Frog, is of course the villain in the story. Just as the other Disney's antagonists, Dr Facilier has some tricks up his sleeves to get things done... → Read More

Prince Naveen Costume from Princess and the Frog

Yet another charming Disney Prince...his name is Prince Naveen from Disney's Princess and the Frog. Prince Naveen is quite dreamy, before he turns into a frog that is. Well, Disney still made him a good-lookin' frog nonetheless. And what a great addition a Prince Naveen... → Read More

Princess and the Frog: Princess Tiana in Green Dress

Now that your girl has seen Disney's Princess and the Frog movie, that's all she thinks about all day now. Well, you can give her more Princess Tiana by dressing her up in a super cute Princess-y green dress. This dress is really one of... → Read More