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Dr Facilier Costume from Princess and the Frog

Dr Facilier, also known as the voodoo master or The Shadow Man from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, is of course the villain in the story. Just as the other Disney’s antagonists, Dr Facilier has some tricks up his sleeves to get things done his way. But you gotta admit that this Shadow Man makes a great costume! The main part of Dr Facilier costume is a black tails coat tuxedo jacket and black slacks. Notice that his purple shirt underneath the jacket is short and revealing of his navel button. You don’t have to go that far in the Dr Facilier costume if you’re not comfortable with that. Anyway, find a carved fang tooth necklace as a required accessory for the getup. Also, don’t forget a black top hat with a skull on it. And two more things on the list for the Dr Facilier costume – a walking cane with a ball knob handle and a cool yet spooky deck of cards. Congratulations, you’re now a scary Princess and the Frog villain!

Dr Facilier Costume from Princess and the Frog
Dr Facilier Costume from Princess and the Frog
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Updated on Mar 21, 2017

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  • andryelm

    1 . they become one because it makes sense for them
    2 . I am sure if they didnt see results , they wouldnt believe in them ( same as prayer ) , and they have a harm none policy that prevents them using spells for the wrong reasons
    3 . they dont believe in Satan and have no master
    4 . some believe in a God or Gods or Goddesses … or all
    5 . see 2
    6 . intent
    7 . they dont
    8 . see 2
    9 . see 2
    10 . see 2

  • iue

    theres actually a lot of dirty references that kids wouldnt get in disney, nobody would think that disney would try to do this but truthfully, there are a LOT of subliminal messages in disney movies and shows.

    for instance:

    its up to your own interpretation i suppose, however grown adults in this business wouldnt be as oblivious as to not notice these things.

  • burbee newlander

    I love that it’s made old school style

  • guilder

    That's the whole point…;-)
    If you can figure it out yourself than you don't need a teacher…

  • Dr Facilier Costume from Princess and the Frog

  • @Cojolie lmao →

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