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The Simpsons Costume Ideas

Simpsons Comic Book Guy Costume

If you watch the Simpsons and find yourself a huge nerd who relates to the Comic Book guy who owns the comic book store and has way too much knowledge about limited edition memorabilia then this costume might be the perfect fit for you! You... → Read More

As Seen in The Simpsons

The Simpsons Moe Costume

A lot of Simpsons costumes that we see usually require a big mask with big bug eyes in the style of Matt Groening's drawings but usually it ends up looking pretty bad in our opinion. Featured here is Moe the bartender at Moe's Tavern which... → Read More

As Seen in The Simpsons

Simpsons Barney and Duffman Couples Costume

If there is one true character from the Simpson that you associate with alcoholism it's Barney, the overweight friend who is always in Moe's bar. And the next guy you associate with beer is Duffman. Put the two together and you have a match-made-in-Heaven of... → Read More

As Seen in The Simpsons

Simpsons Duffman Costume

The Duffman from The Simpsons is a recurring but always welcome character in the series because he is usually associated with Duff beer, the brand of alcoholic beverage that he works for. He's always a big buff guy who wears a caped costume and blue... → Read More

As Seen in The Simpsons