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Simpsons Duffman Costume

The Duffman from The Simpsons is a recurring but always welcome character in the series because he is usually associated with Duff beer, the brand of alcoholic beverage that he works for. He’s always a big buff guy who wears a caped costume and blue jumpsuit with the word “Duff” emblazoned proudly on his chest. He also wears a red Duff Beer baseball cap and hides underneath sunglasses. The coolest part of Duffman’s costume is without a doubt his superhero utility belt which unlike Batman’s useful gadgetry, holds more than a six-pack of beer cans! You can see here that you’ll have to act enthusiastic and like a superhero, but the cool thing is Barry Duffman isn’t the run of the mill superhero that people normally encounter. You’ll surely get lots of attention from Simpsons fans (and probably a lot of requests for free Duff Beer which you can actually buy in energy drink form, incidentally). If you don’t think you can piece it together yourself like this Simpsons fan, you can always go with the pre-made costume which comes with a six-pack… of abs. You’ll still need your own Duff Beer cans, sorry.

Simpsons Duffman Costume
Simpsons Duffman Costume
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As Seen in The Simpsons
Updated on Oct 4, 2017

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