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The Simpsons Moe Costume

A lot of Simpsons costumes that we see usually require a big mask with big bug eyes in the style of Matt Groening’s drawings but usually it ends up looking pretty bad in our opinion. Featured here is Moe the bartender at Moe’s Tavern which is way better than any of those masked costumes. All you need some willingness to tint your skin Simpson yellow and play along as the character. Moe’s hair is curly so you’ll definitely want to style your hair as pictured, and it’s greying a bit too so make sure it’s not all black either. Moe’s costume consists of a simple blue button up short sleeve shirt with a bow tie. We’ve seen him wear red, blue, and black bow ties so he mixes it up a bit. The pants should be blue or gray. The final touch that’s actually missing from this awesome Moe costume is the white apron that Moe’s always wearing when he’s behind the bar. He also wears a dark blue one too so you definitely have a lot of options with this Moe costume.

The Simpsons Moe Costume
The Simpsons Moe Costume
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As Seen in The Simpsons
Updated on Oct 16, 2017

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