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Papa Smurf Costume

If you decide to dress up in a Papa smurf costume, make sure that you don’t forget to wear red shoes along with your red outfit! You’ll notice in the movie and in many Papa smurf pictures that his feet are also red. So don’t just wear a Papa smurf costume with any regular sneakers. Red boots would probably work the best here. Also, you should also remember to get yourself a Papa smurf moustache–short, curly, and white moustache. If you’d like to put this costume together yourself, then don’t forget to buy some blue body paint. Don’t forget the Papa smurf hat! If you have a red beanie that has a sharp tip on the top–that will work too!

Papa Smurf Costume
Papa Smurf Costume
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As Seen in The Smurfs
Updated on Sep 12, 2017

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