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Smurfs 2 Hackus Costume

Hackus is one of the Naughty Smurfs that Gargamel creates in the 2013 summer hit Smufs 2. He has wild orange hair and a small patch of hair on his chin which is unlike the regular blue Smurfs in the movie. His hair is wild like he is and his costume, while similar in style to the blue Smurfs, has a rough texture to it which you should take into consideration when piecing together your own Hackus costume. His skin isn’t blue so you won’t have to look ridiculous in blue paint like other Smurfs around you. Instead, the gray skin is much less extreme and won’t have you looking like an alien. Instead, you’ll look more pale, maybe even vampire-ish… perfect for Halloween!

Smurfs 2 Hackus Costume
Smurfs 2 Hackus Costume
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As Seen in The Smurfs
Updated on Oct 3, 2017

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