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Vexy and Hackus Couples Costume

With the release of the newest Smurfs 2 movie in July of 2013, why not capitalize on its fresh new characters Vexy and Hackus and choose this cute idea for a costumed couple? The Naughty Smurf on the left is Vexy with the blue hair and Hackus appears on the right with bright orange hair. They aren’t full Smurfs as Gargamel, their creator, was unable to create them without special knowledge which he sent his two minions Vexy and Hackus to steal from Smurfette. Though they are referred to as “Naughties” Vexy and Hackus are still very fun characters that make the new Smurfs 2 film more interesting. Vexy’s costume is very edgy looking for a Smurf as she actually wears something other than the white that the regular blue Smurfs always wear. Her hat shape is the same but it’s gray to match her skin color. She has blue dyed hair and wears a trendy skirt with a red top and blue jeweled belt. Hackus’ costume is more similar to that of the men Smurfs except his outfit is more rugged and raggedy.

Vexy and Hackus Couples Costume
Vexy and Hackus Couples Costume
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As Seen in The Smurfs
Updated on Sep 24, 2017

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