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Loki Homemade Costume

As cool as Thor is, who has the beautiful blonde hair and muscle build to dress up as the hero of the movie of the same name? Why not go for Tom Hiddleston’s character Loki who is much more like the rest of us? Loki is scrawny unlike his brother Thor and doesn’t have a ton of muscles. What he lacks in that department he makes up for which an awesome horned helmet. You can see this homemade version of Loki’s helmet is done quite well from either duct tape or paper mache and is painted gold. With horns so long and high you’ll definitely attract a lot of attention with your own homemade Loki costume. The rest of his wardrobe is just a long coat which you’ll have to paint attention to the trimmings and detailing. Don’t forget to fashion yourself Loki’s staff as you can see in the foreground. It is a symbol of power and its sinister knife-like shape adds to Loki’s god-like aura.

Loki Homemade Costume
Loki Homemade Costume
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As Seen in Thor
Updated on Sep 5, 2017

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