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Ghetto Ninja Turtles Costumes

If you have a lot of green masking tape laying around you could possibly put together the world’s most ghetto looking Ninja Turtles costumes ever made. Just check out these four barely passable “turtles” covered completely in green masking tape. It’s easy enough to do just roll the tape around a pair of long sleeve shirt and pants that you won’t ever wear again and you’ve got 95% of the costume done. The rest of the detailing is what truly sets this costume idea into the ghetto status: make really ugly bug eyes and of course wear the eye masks over them and you’re ready to scare off some little kids and shatter their beloved images of Ninja Turtles.

Ghetto Ninja Turtles Costumes
Ghetto Ninja Turtles Costumes
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Updated on Aug 28, 2017

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