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Homemade Ninja Turtle Costumes

If you’re stretched when it comes to purchasing a new Halloween costume you can still dress up as one of your favorite cartooned ninja heros with a little bit of materials from home. These homemade yet nonetheless full bodied Ninja Turtle costumes start with green spandex suits. If you don’t have this material you could just stick with green shirts. Next is the turtle shell which is fashioned simply from cardboard paper and hung on either side of the torso like a sandwich sign. Just be sure to draw in the lines and bumps on the turtles’ shell accurately. If you have any masks to put on your eyes you can use those or else some simple colored ribbon will work just as well. These guys are also sporting Ninja Turtle wristbands but if you don’t have those either you can continue with the colored ribbon. It’s a simple homemade costume that anyone can put together without too much effort at all. Plus you can fulfill your fantasy of being one of the Ninja Turtles with a gang of friends.

Homemade Ninja Turtle Costumes
Homemade Ninja Turtle Costumes
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Updated on Sep 15, 2017

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