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Jessie Cowgirl Costume from Toy Story

Join Woody and Buzz Lightyear and become Jessie, the energetic cowgirl, from Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story! You can bet that Jessie, also known as the yodeling cowgirl, will be part of the 2010 3D film Toy Story 3. Jessie is one happy and brave cowgirl, and you can just tell from her outfit. For a great Jessie cowgirl costume, you need to make sure you got all the following covered. First off, you need an oversize red cowgirl hat. Next, wear a white collared shirt with nice decorations on the chest and sleeves. Then, find a pair of jeans with a super cool cowhide layer that covers the lower half of the pants. Don’t forget to find a seriously western belt buckle and belt to tuck the white shirt into the jeans. And last but not least, finish off with a pair of cowgirl boots. You can of course find the entire Jessie outfit all packaged up for you. So now that you got your Jessie cowgirl costume, don’t forget to yodel and ride on your trusty steed Bullseye the horse!

Jessie Cowgirl Costume from Toy Story
Jessie Cowgirl Costume from Toy Story
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As Seen in Toy Story
Updated on Mar 26, 2017

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