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Kids’ Homemade Buzz Lightyear Costume

There are some Buzz Lightyear costumes that you can buy but they don’t capture the proportions of the portly space toy from the Toy Story movies as well as this homemade version. This kid proudly shows off his homemade Buzz Lightyear costume creation which more accurately gives the look of a real toy rather than a hastily designed Halloween costume meant to capitalize on the season. The body is much more rounded and even features Buzz’s wings that pop up on his back. The helmet is a clear screen shield which is normally propped open and seen here actually being supported up by the child’s head! It’s not something terribly hard to try yourself and as you can see a little effort can go a long way.

Kids' Homemade Buzz Lightyear Costume
Kids' Homemade Buzz Lightyear Costume
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As Seen in Toy Story
Updated on Oct 3, 2017

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