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Need an out-of-a-box costume idea? Go with a Mr Potato Head costume from Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story. Everyone loves the Mr Potato Head toys, and of course the Mr Potato Head character from the Toy Story films. (You’ll see more of Mr Potato Head in the new 2010 Toy Story 3 film.) You remember how much you would love Mr Potato Head when he would start complaining or make sarcastic comments and start removing his body parts around. So imagine if you can do the same to your own costume. How cool would that be right? You just need a couple of essential body parts for your costume – a pair of large plastic ears, big round eyes with thick eye brows, a large nose, a thick black mustache, and of course arms and legs. But you can’t do away with the standard accessories either – a pair of white gloves, blue sneakers, and a black top hat. Once you show up in all these essential pieces, you know people will want to switch body parts around of your Mr Potato Head costume!

Mr Potato Head Costume from Toy Story
Mr Potato Head Costume from Toy Story
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As Seen in Toy Story
Updated on Apr 10, 2017

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