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Toy Story Bo Beep Costume

Disney/Pixar’s newest Toy Story 3 is coming to a 3D (and non-3D) movie theater near you in the summer of 2010. Sure, you can bet that you can get some great costume ideas from the highly anticipated film. But if you still don’t see anything you like for your little girl, don’t forget Bo Beep from the original Toy Story 1 and 2. If you recall, Bo Beep is the sweetest shepherdess you can imagine from a Disney film. And she’s the most loyal and faithful toy in the bunch, especially when it comes to Woody. For the Bo Beep costume, you need the entire outfit to make it real. Start off with a cute bonnet on her head. Next, find a dress with a lace trims and a lace petty coat. The dress would be even cuter if it comes with an apron. And finally, grab a girl’s size crook for her to hook toy sheep. You’ll be glad that you thought of such an awesome Toy Story Bo Beep costume – because your little one looks as cute as ever!

Toy Story Bo Beep Costume
Toy Story Bo Beep Costume
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As Seen in Toy Story
Updated on Mar 31, 2017

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