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Toy Story Stretch Octopus Costume

Loving all the new characters from Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3? So why not go with the Toy Story Stretch octopus costume! You know you love Stretch the purple rubbery octopus because she is voiced by the hilarious Whoopi Goldberg. Stretch looks like the most adorable octopus ever. She is just charming with her eight sticky arms and her purple glittery body. But Stretch ain’t no friendly octopus in Toy Story 3. She is one deceiving octopus as she threatened Woody and the gang into the dumpster. Oh well. Being in a Toy Story Stretch octopus costume is still cool because it’s such a cool Disney costume idea. If you can at least find a purple octopus hat to wear, you can pull that off as your Stretch octopus costume!

Toy Story Stretch Octopus Costume
Toy Story Stretch Octopus Costume
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As Seen in Toy Story
Updated on Sep 30, 2017

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