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Easy Tron Costume

Can’t stand spandex but would love to dress up in a Tron costume? Here’s an easy alternative for ya. You can still be Tron, but this easy Tron costume might save you some good time and money. All you need is some super glue. Wear an old T-shirt that you’re willing to give up. Create big pieces of computer chip on construction or felt paper that you can then glue onto the T-shirt. These pieces of computer chip can look like they glow in the dark if you use a neon blue or green color felt paper or marker. Finally, creatively glue these pieces on your shirt to make them look like metallic blades that you are wearing. People will surely give you props for creating your own easy Tron costume!

Easy Tron Costume
Easy Tron Costume
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Updated on Sep 12, 2017

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