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Up Costume Ideas

Up’s Russell Costume

This costume requires a certain build but if you can pull it off why not consider dressing as the adorable Russell from the Pixar film Up? The outfit is very much Boy Scout inspired and is fairly easy to put together. The standard scout uniform... → Read More

As Seen in Up

Russell and Carl Fredricksen Costumes

These very real looking and very life size Russell and Carl Fredricksen costumes are the perfect inspiration for the Pixar movie Up fan who love the story and the characters from the movie. Though he is initially quite gruff, Carl Fredricksen becomes the accidental hero... → Read More

As Seen in Up

Up’s Russell & Carl Fredricksen Couples Costume

If this isn't the most adorable couples costume from the Pixar movie Up you've ever seen, then you need a new pair of glasses! This isn't a couples costume in the traditional sense as this involves a man and a child but it is nonetheless... → Read More

As Seen in Up

Up House Costume

If you love the movie Up by Disney's Pixar but don't want to be one of the traditional characters in the movie, why not be the house itself? The house is featured on the cover of the DVD and movie posters, and is as much... → Read More

As Seen in Up

Best Up Couple’s Costume – Russell and Bird

If you are a boy and girl couple and love the Pixar movie Up, then you know that it's quite hard to find a female counterpart to the male costumes like Carl Fredricksen and Russell. Take heart for this wonderful idea is to use the... → Read More

As Seen in Up

Pixar Up’s Dug Costume

Who can forget the lovable and loyal Dug from the Disney Pixar Up movie? His first words of "I have just met you and I love you" captured hearts everywhere, and his adorable computerized voice chip allowed him to speak in perfect grammar. This Dug... → Read More

As Seen in Up