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Carl Fredricksen Costume from Disney Pixar Up Movie

Weathered and tough at the beginning of the movie, Carl Fredrick from the Disney Pixar movie Up ends up being a heroic and kind character by the end, so why not try and pull off that tough but tender look yourself with a Carl Fredricksen costume for Halloween this year? Anyone could easily match Carl Fredricksen’s costume with grandpa’s borrowed clothes or even better yet if you are over 65! Thick square framed glasses, black bow tie, and tweed suit jacket pull off the look easily. If you really want to score big points, don’t forget the hearing aid and wedding ring. The shirt, belt, pants, and shoes should already be staples in your wardrobe. This Carl Fredricksen costume would go perfect as a chaperon with a young Russell costume!

up carl fredricksen costume
up carl fredricksen costume
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As Seen in Up
Updated on Oct 7, 2017

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