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Your baby will be even more adorable if you dress him/her up in a Winne The Pooh Disney costume! Who can ever resist the lovable, innocent yellow bear who loves honey? Make sure you find a Pooh Disney costume that comes with a hood that resembles Pooh’s face and ears, and the remaining plush body suit or onesie includes a red shirt. Your baby will be the life of the party!

Winnie the Pooh Disney Costume
Winnie the Pooh Disney Costume
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As Seen in Winnie the Pooh
Updated on Sep 26, 2017

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  • phenzini

    Is this actually fun? What do we do on formal night? I will wear a dress but what about hubby, what can’t he wear? Can he wear shorts and a polo shirt? How about our 2 year old son, what should I put on him? I wish there was a cute disney costume LOL :surfweb:

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