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Winkie Costume from Wizard of Oz

These are probably one of the scariest costumes you could be for your next party: a Winkie costume! These guys were originally yellow skinned creatures who were somehow turned green for the MGM movie in 1939. These Winkies were apparently put under the spell of the Wicked Witch of the West who turned them into slaves to do cruel laborious tasks. These guys have a hint of a Russian attire with their fur hats and armor. Note the necklace of big white discs and red tassels. These guys carry around weapons of sorts as the Evil Witch’s personal army. The best part, and possibly the scariest, is basically the witch’s face. You get to paint your face green and try to elongate your nose, very much having a Winkie costume be a man’s version of an evil witch but with an unusual yet familiar twist. Have fun with this one!

Winkie Costume from Wizard of Oz
Winkie Costume from Wizard of Oz
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As Seen in Wizard of Oz
Updated on Jul 11, 2017

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