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Vanellope Costume

The playful, mischievous, and ambitious Vanellope von Schweetz is part of the can-do duo that make Wreck-It Ralph the movie such a joy to watch. While girls who love the Disney film can’t be Wreck-It Ralph since he is so big, this Vanellope costume is a natural draw. She is a relatable little girl who loves candy, who doesn’t adore that? This costume makes use of Vanellope’s colors in the turquoise hoodie and mis-paired tights. Make sure to get that subtle detail down as she is somewhat of a “glitch” who is putting together what parts she can. The secondary color for this Vanllope costume is hot pink, and you can see it in her hair bow and even on the strings of her neon blue hoodie. Attach a few candy pieces over her black hair and tie it into a pony tail and this Vanellope von Schweetz costume is done!

Vanellope Costume
Vanellope Costume
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As Seen in Wreck-It Ralph
Updated on May 14, 2017

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