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Wreck-It Ralph Costume

This Wreck-It Ralph costume is sure to be a surprise hit this year for your next Halloween party because the movie won’t come out for another two days after Halloween! Get a jump start on your costume idea and show your enthusiasm for videos, which the Disney animated movie is centered upon, at the same time. Wreck-It Ralph is a villain from the arcade game Fix-It Felix, Jr. (a play on Donkey Kong Jr. perhaps?) who is voiced by actor John C. Reilly. Wreck-It Ralph’s physique to the legendary Donkey Kong is probably no coincidence either. If you have Ralph’s big frame here, his costume is quite easy to do. He wears a orange flannel short sleeve shirt and brown overalls. Just leave one side unbuttoned as you can see in this photo reference. He doesn’t wear any shoes or socks, so at the least just wear some sandals when you are out. Wear a simple green shirt on the inside and style your hair up and wild like this Wreck-It Ralph costume wears it. Ralph has very prominent hands and feet, so if you really want to nail the costume, consider these Hulk-styled Ralph smash hands in flesh color from Disney. Take it to the next level with these Wreck-It Ralph feet slippers. They are slippers than you can wear that make your feet look huge just like Ralph’s feet. Ralph’s shirt can easily be mimicked with an orange colored baseball jersey and perfectly matched light brown overalls are also available.

Wreck-It Ralph Costume
Wreck-It Ralph Costume
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As Seen in Wreck-It Ralph
Updated on Sep 28, 2017

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