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Wreck-It Ralph Fix-It Felix Couples Costume

Hailing from the same arcade machine are this lovely duo of Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix from the Disney Pictures computer animated movie Wreck-It Ralph. As avid gaming fans show off your geek pride and love of anything Disney by going with your own costumes of Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix. As you can see here, this couple has done an excellent job of putting together a couples costume that hits all the right cues as if they came to life straight out of the movie. Wreck-It Ralph’s costume makes up for the bulkiness with “Hulk hands” which were popularized in green by the Hulk. The shirt is then stuffed with padding to add more bulk like Ralph’s character in the movie. The eyebrows are emphasized since it is a prominent facial feature along with the red hair. Ralph’s quest is for a medal from another video game and you can see he has already earned it and is wearing it around his neck, with a perfect replica of the medallion in the film. Ralph wears red flannel with brown overalls with one side left unbuttoned. Fix-It Felix’s costume borrows from a mechanic’s uniform as he is a handyman of sorts. Since this costume is designed for a woman, the jeans are instead replaced with jean shorts with cute matching blue striped white socks that go to the knees. It adds a nice feminine touch. Felix also wears a hat with his logo emblazoned on it, as well as gloves, contractor’s utility belt, and heavy duty work boots. Together, you’ve got the perfect video game couple from Wreck-It Ralph playing together nicely in harmony.

Wreck-It Ralph Fix-It Felix Couples Costume
Wreck-It Ralph Fix-It Felix Couples Costume
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As Seen in Wreck-It Ralph
Updated on Sep 1, 2017

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