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X-Men Costume Ideas

Jennifer Lawrence Mystique Costume

Jennifer Lawrence is the new Mystique X-Men, having appeared in numerous X-Men movies as the younger version of model and actress Rebecca Romijn. With her newly designed suit, getting into makeup and costume no longer takes an entire day's endeavor and with the fine-tuned process,... → Read More

As Seen in X-Men

Emma Frost Costume

This Emma Frost costume does a great job of imagining how the diamond hard mutant woman would look as a real life costume and not some piece of computer generated movie scene. As you can see this Emma Frost costume is clearly in her diamond... → Read More

As Seen in X-Men

Jean Grey Phoenix Skirt Costume

If you are looking to dress up in a slightly more feminine version of this look, then this Jean Grey Phoenix costume with a skirt could be just the thing for you. Although it's more likely that you'll see people dressed in the usual full... → Read More

As Seen in X-Men

Wolverine X-Men Origins Costume

This Wolverine X-Men Origins costume is very easy to put together as long as you have the right key pieces of clothing. For this costume, you'll need to wear a white tank top, a nice leather or dark brown jacket, and pair of nice dark... → Read More

As Seen in X-Men

Classic Magneto Costume

For those who are looking to go for the classic comic look, this old school Magneto costume can do just that. It's definitely not as plain as what he wears throughout the X-Men First Class movie, and has much more color and classic style to... → Read More

As Seen in X-Men

Professor Charles Xavier Costume

If you happen to have an extra wheel chair lying around the house somewhere, then you're in luck--you can dress up as Professor Charles Xavier from X-Men this year for Halloween! All it takes to put together this costume is one sharp looking suit, a... → Read More

As Seen in X-Men