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Classic Marvel Comics Wolverine Costume

Maybe Hugh Jackman is too manly for the classic Marvel Comics Wolverine costume, and hence the producers and costume designers of the X-Men films changed the blue, yellow and black theme to just black with the cool X logo. If you recall from the first X-Men film, Cyclops’ response to Wolverine’s question about their black uniform was “Well, what would you prefer? Yellow spandex?” But the true Stan Lee and Marvel fans know that they still love the original Wolverine costume best. The classic Marvel Comics Wolverine costume most noticeable piece is probably the Wolverine mask. The black and yellow wolf-like face mask just shows that Wolverine or Logan is a mutant with tremendous strength, but he also has advantageous animal senses. And for the rest of the original Wolverine costume, you really need to prepare for some yellow spandex. You can easily find a full body jumpsuit that comes easily with some muscles too. Don’t forget the red belt and black boots either. Most importantly, you can’t be Wolverine with the all mighty Wolverine claws! So there’s your complete classic Marvel Comics Wolverine costume.

Classic Marvel Comics Wolverine Costume
Classic Marvel Comics Wolverine Costume
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As Seen in X-Men
Updated on Jun 20, 2017

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