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Jennifer Lawrence Mystique Costume

Jennifer Lawrence is the new Mystique X-Men, having appeared in numerous X-Men movies as the younger version of model and actress Rebecca Romijn. With her newly designed suit, getting into makeup and costume no longer takes an entire day’s endeavor and with the fine-tuned process, is also rumored to star in her own Mystique movie. This is great for female fans of the X-Men franchise who want to dress as Mystique as it only means her popularity is going to get bigger. While Jennifer Lawrence was not quite a household name in her first X-Men movie, she is a big draw today and thus Mystique is more and more on people’s radars. This reference photo shows the fine details in Mystique’s true blue version of herself. While she can transform into any person like a chameleon, her real form is a hideous blue spotted mutant with red hair and yellow eyes. Use this detailed picture to get an idea of the black spots on the forehead and cheeks as well as over the arms. You could opt for an alternative version by decorating a blue hoodie or body suit instead of going for the body paint. Either way, this reference photo of Mystique’s costume will serve you well.

Jennifer Lawrence Mystique Costume
Jennifer Lawrence Mystique Costume
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As Seen in X-Men
Updated on May 9, 2017

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