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X-Men Angel Costume

If you’re lazy to think of an elaborate costume, then the X-Men Angel costume might suit you. Angel from the X-Men is a mutant part of the Marvel X-Men clan who has feathered wings. If you recall from the third X-Men film series, X-Men: The Last Stand (or X3), Angel has a memorable part in the movie albeit small. When Angel was a child known as the human name Warren Worthington III, he had to painfully discover that his feathered wings cannot be removed, and that he is a mutant after all. So if you’re bold enough to go with the X-Men Angel costume, then all you need is a pair of feathered wings and a pair of dark pants. Oh, and go shirt-less too. Yup, that’s it. Hope that’s easy enough for ya – the X-Men Angel costume.

X-Men Angel Costume
X-Men Angel Costume
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As Seen in X-Men
Updated on Sep 8, 2017

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  • rea ramuralas

    By Jim Beard A good villain never truly dies; just ask Cameron Hodge. Once the college roommate of Warren Worthington III–better known as the X–Men’s Archangel–Hodge nurtured a virulent… (originally published on: Mar 18, 2010)

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