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X-Men Mystique Costume

If you want to be a Marvel super villain, you should consider the ultra blue mistress X-Men Mystique costume. As her name suggests, Mystique is one sexy, mysterious and cunning human mutant. Her natural power is highly mighty and intimidating, as she can change her natural form to impersonate anyone, alter her voice, change her eye color and even finger prints. Wow, that sure sounds like an awesomely cool and creepy costume! If you want to go in the natural blue Mystique costume, be prepared to paint your body blue. And if you remember from the X-Men film trilogy, Mystique, as portrayed beautifully by Rebecca Romijn, is almost like a blue snake in human form as she has scales all over her body. Her eyes are yellow, so don’t forget to those yellow colored contact lens, and her short dark red hair is sleek and combed back.

X-Men Mystique Costume
X-Men Mystique Costume
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As Seen in X-Men
Updated on May 24, 2017

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