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X-Men Rogue Costume

Who does not love Rogue from the X-Men? So you should totally dress up in a Rogue costume! Go old school and choose the green and yellow X-Men uniform, rather than the new all black X-Men outfit made popular by the X-Men film series, as illustrated by this Cyclops costume. The Rogue green and yellow stretch suit is skin tight and super sexy. Check out the brown wide utility belt and yellow short gloves that complete the Rogue costume. Remember Rogue’s gloves are important as she needs it so she can control whose power she wants to absorb. The most distinctive part of the costume is the Rogue hair – the white streak that runs across the front line of her dark hair. Go Rogue and go X-Men!

X-Men Rogue Costume
X-Men Rogue Costume
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As Seen in X-Men
Updated on May 22, 2017

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