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Zootopia Clawhauser Costume

One of the cuter cuddly characters from Zootopia is the bumbling Clawhauser who is supposed to be a cheetah though he spends his days as a doughnut eating reception at ZPD. If you want to play off that cuddly persona this Halloween, then Office Clawhauser is the perfect costume for you! And as this photo reference shows, the end result is indeed quite adorable. The costume isn’t tough to do, as you really just need a police officer’s uniform, with the appropriate ZPD patches and police badge. He wears a black tie with a tie clip. Since he is a cheetah, you’ll have to find a way to incorporate the trademark black spots on the yellow fur, as this costume has done in an excellent way. The final piece of flair you need to add would just be that doughnut that was hiding in his chin folds when Judy Hopps meets him in the lobby.

Zootopia Clawhauser Costume
Zootopia Clawhauser Costume
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As Seen in Zootopia
Updated on Aug 23, 2017

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