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Zootopia Judy Hopps Officer Costume

One of Judy Hopp’s iconic costumes from the Disney movie Zootopia is her officer uniform. This is before she is forced to put on a parking ticket officer orange vest. You can see form this reference it’s actually not tough to replicate Judy’s officer costume at all with a set of separately purchased items. The costume starts with a pair of dark blue pants, paired with a light yellow long sleeve top. It’s up to you as to the fit and finish of the fabric, as you can see in this Judy Hopp’s costume it’s a sexy look that’s is the goal. Then get a black utility belt and a black vest to put on top. Top it off (literally) with a pair of rabbit ears from your local Halloween accessories store and your Judy Hopps costume is complete!

Zootopia Judy Hopps Officer Costume
Zootopia Judy Hopps Officer Costume
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As Seen in Zootopia
Updated on Aug 27, 2017

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