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Zootopia Koslov Polar Bear Bodyguard Costume

One of the more menacing characters from Zootopia is undoubtedly Koslov, the huge polar bear bodyguard who works from Mr. Big. Inspired by Mafia movies, Koslov looks very much the part of thug and henchman. If you want to look daunting this Halloween, then this easy Koslov costume might be worth your consideration. Koslov here is pictured wearing his standard daily uniform, consisting of a signature black turtleneck with a gold chain necklace over it. Over that he wears a gray suit. It’s simple and maybe even something you already have at home that you want wear. The Koslov costume is also accessorized with a few rings worn on the fingers, specifically the index and ring fingers of his right hand. He also is seen wearing a bright color pocket square in his suit pocket. This costume goes perfect with a buddy dressed as Mr. Big.

Zootopia Koslov Polar Bear Bodyguard Costume
Zootopia Koslov Polar Bear Bodyguard Costume
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As Seen in Zootopia
Updated on Aug 24, 2017

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