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Zootopia Scary Flash Slothmore Mask

Perhaps one of the funniest moments in the Disney movie Zootopia involved the adorable sloth Flash who worked at the DMV. He’s normally what you’d consider to be a cute character, but since it’s Halloween, you have some license to scare little kids with this very scary Flash mask. You can see it’s done in a close similarity to Flash Slothmore from the movie, but somehow it’s scarier when the mask is worn on your head with the eyes large and mouth open wide like that scene where he laughs in slow motion. Though this reference photo doesn’t complete the look, you can easily put together your own without even going outside of your wardrobe. Flash wears a simple green button up shirt with short sleeves and a red and green diagonal stripe tie. He also wears beige khakis with a black belt. That’s it, scare away!

Zootopia Scary Flash Slothmore Mask
Zootopia Scary Flash Slothmore Mask
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As Seen in Zootopia
Updated on Aug 29, 2017

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